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Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Bozeman, Montana - Vacation Rental Cabin Cabarete, Dominican Republic - Vacation Rental
Bozeman, Montana Cabarete, Dominican Republic
      Vacation rental owners! Reach more renters and display your vacation rental with more photos, video capability, map location, rental availability calendar, and more for less money than other vacation rental sites.

   We do not charge service fees!
Recently (March 2016) two of the largest vacation rental websites began imposing service fees on vacation rental transactions. These service fees will be paid by the renter in addition to the cost of renting the property along with the other fees involved in renting a vacation property. Depending on the rental website, service fees can range from 3%-12% and are paid by the owner, the renter, or both.

Why should this concern anyone?

If you are a vacation rental owner:

1. Obviously, service fees increase the price your renter has to pay to rent your property.

2. If service fees weren't needed last year why are they being implemented this year? What if the fees are increased again next year?

3. On a $2,000 vacation rental service fees in the range of 5%-10% can add $100-$200 in additional cost for the renter. This can price a renter out of your property and force them to choose a different, lower cost property. It can keep last year's renter from coming back this year. Who wants to pay an extra $500-$1,000 on a $10,000 rental? Do they now rent for one week instead of two? For two weeks rather than a month?

4. If the website you are listing with makes a commission on a rental then that website can now make a bigger commission on a more expensive rental. They now have a motivation to promote more expensive rentals instead of less expensive rentals. Are they trying to help you rent your property or collect larger commissions? Which properties are they more interested in seeing rented? How are they determining which properties are seen by prospective renters? Whose interests are they more concerned with?

5. If a renter pays a service fee this year and wants to rent from you next year should that renter pay a service fee next year? Will they want to? Will your listing website try to control/regulate/prevent this so they can collect the fee every time? Will they try to conceal your past renters contact information from you? Will they try to be the middleman on every renter/property owner contact?

6. Unlike many other vacation rental websites we do not charge a service fee to vacation property renters!

If you are a vacation property renter:

1. Why should you pay a service fee to the rental website when the vacation property owner is already paying a fee to the rental website to list their property? In reality you are already paying the owners fee so why are you now being asked to pay a second fee?

2. Will paying a service fee force you to rent a cheaper/less desirable vacation home?

3. Is the rental website preferring to display properties to you that provide them with increased commissions?

4. If you rent the same property next year why should you pay that service fee to rent the same property again next year? What if the fee increases next year?

We do not charge service fees to vacation property renters!

When you list your vacation rental for only $99.95 a year with you reach additional vacationers from around the world and your property is displayed with:
25 photos of your vacation rental property - some other sites offer as few as 6 photos. You can post up to 25 photos of your property and local attractions. You can change or update these photos throughout the year at no cost. Please, we cannot accept watermarked photos.
A Google Maps™ or Mapquest map link to show where your property is located - this is not offered on all other sites.
We offer video tour capability at no extra cost. This is a feature not offered on some other sites.
If you have a video tour of your property hosted on a video site (YouTube for example) you can link to that video from your vacation rental listing with us. We do not provide the video or host the video but you can link from your listing with us to your video tour that is hosted on another site.
A rental availability calendar to show prospective vacationers the dates your property is rented or available (please keep it updated).
Use our online rental rate schedule to display high season and off-season rental rates to prospective vacationers.
Use our reservation management tool to manage renter schedules, renter names, availability etc. If you list more than one vacation rental property with us you can manage these multiple properties online from a single account.

Have a website for your vacation rental? You can link to it from our site.

Reach vacationers from all over the world through this one site.
Do all of the above at no extra cost with 24/7/365 self-service online access to manage your property on your schedule.
Our site is secure and we do not sell or provide our customer information to anyone. We will not share your name, address, e-mail address, phone number or any other information.

See how our price of $99.95/year compares to these vacation rental websites (at times some of these sites may offer additional incentives from the prices shown below).

Here is a comparison with 7 leading sites.

Vacation rental website 1. ****

While their standard listing is $349/year (this has increased by $50 since September 2011) this can increase to $999 if you purchase a platinum level listing. Other tier level placement options are available. These price options determine/establish your placement priority among the other property listings for your vacation rentals geographic area. While you can pay as much $650 extra for enhanced placement for your property there is no limit to the number of other enhanced placements that will be sold to other property owners for your property to compete against.

Standard listing:  $349/year
Bronze listing:     $449/year
Silver listing:       $599/year
Gold listing:        $749/year
Platinum listing:  $999/year

Their standard listing includes 24 photos, video, rental availability calendar, and a reservation management tool.

Vacation rental website 2. ********

Although their standard listing costs $349/year (this has increase by $20 since September 2011), this can increase to $999/year if you purchase additional cost enhanced placement options. Other yearly pricing for different tier levels are offered. These price options determine/establish your placement priority among the other property listings for your vacation rentals geographic area. While you can pay as much as $650 extra for an enhanced listing for your property there is no limit to the number of other enhanced placements that will be sold to other property owners for your property to compete against.

Standard listing:   $349/year (An increase of $20 since September 2011)
Bronze listing:      $449/year (An increase of $20 since September 2011)
Silver listing:        $599/year 
(An increase of $50 since September 2011)
Gold listing:         $749/year (An increase of $50 since September 2011)
Platinum listing:   $999/year (Has not increased since September 2011)

(If you have noticed a similarity in the pricing options offered by the above 2 websites it is because they are both part of the same network.)

Their listing includes 24 photos, map location and rental availability and management calendars. Video tour capability is not offered.

Vacation rental website 3. *****************

Their standard listing costs $169/year with six photos does not offer video tour capability or a map location and has a rental availability calendar.

Vacation rental website 4. *******************

Their listing costs $199/year with 8 photos, does not offer video tour capability, and has a map location and a rental availability calendar. You may purchase up to 8 additional photos at $12 for each photo totaling $295 for your yearly listing.

Vacation rental website 5. ********************

Number of photos is dependent on tier level. Does not offer video tour capability or a map location and has a rental availability calendar.

Bronze package: $199/year with 10 photos.
Silver package:   $299/year with 15 photos.
Gold package:    $399/year with 20 photos.

Vacation rental website 6. *******

An annual listing is $299.99 a year (an increase of $60.11 since September of 2011) and the vacation renter pays an additional 5-10% "booking fee" for each rental in addition to the cost of the rental. They offer photos, a video option and have a map location and availability calendar.

Vacation rental website 7. ******

A property listing is "free" but the property owner pays a 3% commission for each successful rental and the property renter pays an additional 6-12% "service fee" when the property is booked. They offer photos, a rental calendar and a 30 second video that you shoot through your webcam.

  AVR4M      1    2   3     4     5 6 7
Basic listing/yr $99.95  $349 $349 $169 $199 $199 $299.99 Free + fees
# photos 25   24 24    6


See tier level Unltd. Yes
Cost per additional photo   -  - -  - $12
See tier level - -
Video capability  Yes Yes No  No No    No Yes Yes
Map  Yes Yes Yes  No  Yes    No Yes Yes
Rental availability calendar  Yes  Yes Yes Yes  Yes    Yes Yes Yes
Reservation management tool   Yes    Yes    Yes   Yes   Yes     Yes ? Yes
Other additional cost listings?  No  Yes  Yes No  No     Yes No No
Platinum listing  -  $999  $999


-  - - -
Gold listing  -  $749  $749 -  -  $399 / 20 photos - -
Silver listing  -  $599  $599 -  -  $299 / 15 photos - -
Bronze listing  -  $449  $449  -  -  $199 / 10 photos - -


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