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A Vacation Rental 4 Me: Find the best vacation rental homes, condos, villas, apartments, cabins, cottages, beach houses, and more. Vacation Rentals by Owners

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Saturday, April 1, 2023
  Vacation rental on Loon Mountain, Lincoln, New Hampshire  Hilton Head, South Carolina vacation rental 
Loon Mountain, Lincoln, New Hampshire Hilton Head, South Carolina


Q. I am a vacationer and I wish to rent a property for my vacation. What does it cost me use your service?
A. Absolutely nothing. Your only cost is what you pay the property owner to rent their property.
Q. How do I book the property?
A. You should contact the owner about renting their property by using e-mail, telephone or fax. We recommend e-mail. Book as early as possible to ensure you get the best property available.
Q. How do I send my payment to the rental owner? 
A. They will probably want a check unless they can process a payment online. We recommend that you pay a deposit first, with your balance paid 1-2 months before you occupy the rental. Ultimately, payment arrangements are between the renter and the rental owner. A written agreement is best. Both parties should have a clear understanding of any cancellation or refund policies as well. does not process rental payments.
Q. How will I gain entry to the property? 
A. You should arrange this with the owner. Be clear about dates and times. Be aware of differing time zones. Make sure that you have clear directions to the property. They might meet you at the property or simply send you the key(s). If it is a gated community or has a secure parking facility, make sure that you have the pass code or passkey. If you will be there for a long stay you might also want the mail key, if needed, and you plan to forward your mail.
Q. Are taxes, security deposits, cleaning fees etc. included in the rental fee? 
A. This should be determined during your communications with the rental property owner.
Rental Property Owners
Q. I am a property owner and I wish to use your service to market my vacation rental property. What will it cost me?
A. We only charge $99.95 a year (some properties rent for that or more per day!). We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express and your payments are 100% secure. We will accept rental properties listings from any location in the world. We do not collect or charge a fee on any of your rental transactions.
Q. How should I arrange for the rental payment for my property? 
A. Personal or certified check through the mail is probably best unless you can accommodate online payments. Be clear about deposits, final payments, and cancellation and refund policies. A written agreement is best. does not process rental payments.
Q. How should I arrange for the renters entry into the property? 
A. Make accurate reservation arrangements with the renter. Be clear about dates and times. Be aware of differing time zones. Provide clear directions to the property. Either meet them or send them the keys they will need as well as any pass code or pass keys to gated communities or parking facilities. If they will be long-term renters and will be forwarding their mail, they will also need the mailbox key if required.
Q. What should I do to collect any taxes, security deposits, cleaning fees etc., which will apply to the rental property?
A. It is best if you describe your fees in your listing and communicate these to your renter prior to occupancy. The total rental figure should include all applicable fees. 
Q. What can I do to increase my opportunities to rent my property more frequently?
A. Maintain your availability calendar. Do not confuse your customers or miss a potential rental due to an incorrect availability calendar. Reply to all inquiries in a timely fashion. Ensure that your rates are correct for the season in question. Make sure that your photos are up-to-date and accurately represent your property. Match your customer’s mental image of your property by providing winter photos with snow for a ski rental and summer photos for a summer rental.


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